Curriculum Development Grants

2019-2020 Call for Proposals

Georgia State University Call for Virtual Exchange ProposalsCourse Development Image

2019-20 Call for Proposals: CLOSED

For more information, please contact Nannette Commander, Virtual Exchange Coordinator, GSU, at

Georgia State University Call for Faculty Teaching and Learning Communities on Global Competence and/or Virtual Exchange

Call for Proposals: CLOSED

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2018-2019 Recipients

Georgia Institute of Technology

  • Dr. Anjali Thomas Bohlken, International Affairs - INTA 2050 “Introduction to Global Development” (revision/enhancement)

  • Dr. Neha Kumar, International Affairs/Computing - “Human-Centered AI and Taking the Long, Holistic, and Intersectional View to Women’s Wellbeing (new course to be offered in Spring 2020)

  • Dr. Michael Hoffman, Public Affairs - "GloCL Reflect Project for online virtual decision-making process strategies with Foreign Language content" (ongoing curricular project on transforming the Reflect! platform ( into a global collaborative learning (GLoCL) support system)

Georgia State University

  • Jessie Hayden, Assistant Professor, Department of English, Perimeter College - Global Engagement Teaching and Learning Community and development of the Global Engagement website ( with learning activities to connect the classroom to the world. 

  • Dr. Hakyoon Lee, Assistant Professor, Department of World Languages and Cultures - Linguistic Landscape Project in Foreign Language Education and Raising Impact: Engaging Beginning College Learners of Additional Languages In Linguistic Landscape Research

  • Dr. Hae Sung Yang, Undergraduate Director, Department of Applied Linguistics - Creating a Cultural Mosaic in the Classroom: Teaching Multilingual Students Faculty Teaching and Learning Community and Multilingual Students' Perceptions of Inclusiveness across the Curriculum