Diplomacy Lab

Diplomacy LabA program of the U.S. Department of State that gives students a chance to solve real world problems!

Georgia Tech is a member of a select group of 39 universities participating in the State Department’s Diplomacy Lab program. The aim of the program is to harness the drive, intellect, and creativity of our students to solve some of the most difficult challenges confronting American foreign policy. The initiative enables the State Department to “course-source” research and innovation related to foreign policy, giving students concrete, hands on experience addressing real world problems within the context of their academic coursework. 

Georgia Tech faculty projects selected through a competitive process:

  • 2020-21 [news release]

    • Language Curriculum Development for Diplomats: Specialized vocabulary, spaced repetition, and automated lexical leveling in over 60 languages

      • A Corpus Analysis of High-Frequency Vocabulary in Modern Standard Arabic Project Lead: David Marcus, School of Modern Languages

      • A Corpus Analysis of the use of function verbs in Japanese Manga and light novels
        Project Lead: Kyoko Masuda, School of Modern Languages

  • 2021-22 [news release]

    • Confucius Institutes in Turkey and Chinese Influence
      Project Lead: Sebnem Ozkan, Atlanta Global Studies Center

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