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College Faculty

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Travel Grants

The Atlanta Global Studies Center Travel Grants are designed to support the professional development of Georgia State and Georgia Tech faculty. Funding can be used for research travel or to present a paper at an academic conference.

Atlanta Global Research & Education Collaborative (AGREC)

The Atlanta Global Research and Education Collaborative (AGREC) seeks to build and strengthen collaborative networks of multi-institutional scholars and practitioners to support global research and education initiatives in the Greater Atlanta region.

Virtual Exchange

Virtual Exchange (VE) is an educational practice, supported by research, that consists of sustained, technology-enabled interaction between groups who are in different geographic locations and/or from different cultural backgrounds. In a virtual exchange, classrooms in any part of the world connect, communicate, and collaborate through chat, video, file-sharing, or any other form of technology to engage in discussion, complete a project, and/or solve a problem.

Virtual exchange offers meaningful, accessible, and inclusive international experiences to students. It provides students with opportunities to develop communication skills and prepares them for careers where international collaboration and the ability to work effectively online will be necessary.

Virtual Exchange projects can be developed for any subject of study, for any grade level, and for students who speak one or more languages. They can be implemented synchronously or asynchronously. The costs associated with developing a virtual exchange are minimal, but the benefits are immeasurable. 

RCE Greater Atlanta - Higher Education Learning Community (HELC)

The Higher Education Learning Community (HELC) is an RCE Greater Atlanta action group that aims to facilitate faculty and research-active student engagement with the SDGs in a collective learning environment. Participants include faculty and research-active students from Emory University, Georgia State University, Georgia Tech, Kennesaw State University, Morehouse College, Spelman College, and the University of Georgia.

HELC aims to create a dynamic network of research and teaching faculty, practitioners, youth, and community partners in Greater Atlanta who work together to offer research seminars, symposia, curricular resources, teaching workshops, and a variety of publications to advance the SDGs in education, research, and service across campuses in the region as well as among the US (North American) higher education community as a whole.

Race Beyond Borders

We are a coalition of Greater Atlanta area higher education institutions, non-profits, and Atlanta Mayor’s Office of International Affairs. We aim to create a collaborative, diverse, multi-institutional, and multi-disciplinary space for a global conversation on race and a public-facing scholar/activist network. We explore how the legacy of the Atlanta civil rights movement translates into the present for positive change in race relations around the world. We investigate how global movements inform and influence the local conversation. We connect global scholars, practitioners, and policy-makers to turn conversation into action that advances racial justice and equity in Atlanta and beyond. Our aim is the insight from these conversations will lead to concrete plans and actions to combat racism.

Faculty Learning Communities (FLCs)

Luso-Brazilian Studies

Hindi Studies