Energy Burden in Atlanta: A Roleplay Simulation

RCE Greater Atlanta Youth Engagement Session

Friday, April 14, 1:50pm–3:05pm

ROOM #246

How much of your monthly income do you spend on your energy bill? How does this energy burden vary based on one's income, location, education, and skin color? What are the risks and implications associated with energy burden? How can we reduce energy burden? College students, city residents, homeowners and all are invited to learn about the reality and challenges of energy burden in Atlanta, the nation’s capital of income inequality. The goals of the session are to introduce students to the basic concepts of energy burden and to help them consider various energy realities faced by different households and communities. The session includes an exploration of smart solutions and opportunities for future engagement.

Session 2 of the RCE Greater Atlanta Track on Sustainable Development - Youth Network.

Session Leaders

Blurb / Gallery Set

Dr Marilyn Brown


Regents' and Brook Byers Professor of Sustainable Systems, School of Public Policy, Georgia Institute of Technology


Mark Lannaman


B.A. Journalism, GSU; M.S. Global Media and Cultures, Georgia Tech

Graduate Student, Sustainable Energy and Environmental Management, Georgia Tech