Dr. Anthony F. Lemieux Joins Global Workshops and Panels to Tackle Online Extremism and Urban Development

Posted June 26, 2023

Dr. Anthony F. Lemieux, co-director of the Atlanta Global Studies Center (AGSC), recently engaged in various workshops and panels alongside leaders and experts from around the world. One noteworthy event was a workshop held at Swansea University in Wales, where the team dedicated their efforts to advancing research on Online Extremist Ecosystems. The workshop boasted an international assembly of researchers and collaborators hailing from three different countries and six universities affiliated with the VoxPol network.

Furthermore, Dr. Lemieux actively participated in a closed-door workshop titled "Responsive and Responsible Cities: Implementing Urban Futures." This exclusive gathering, comprised of 20 stakeholders, delved into discussions revolving around youth empowerment and workforce development in the urban context. The workshop was followed by a public panel discussion titled "Global Outlook, Local Impact: The Transatlantic Potential for Citizen Engagement” with participants from Atlanta to Los Angeles and Berlin. The panel discussion featured a conversation about Aspen Germany’s “Future Cities – A Transatlantic Townhall Project,” which brings together a group of urban actors from the three aforementioned cities. The project fosters transatlantic discourse on development of cities and its complexities, encouraging transatlantic relations that offer an ideal framework for cooperation and learning.

In addition, Dr. Lemieux had the honor of being invited to join a panel of experts at the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism’s “Global Summit,” held at Meta Headquarters in Menlo Park, CA. The panelists engaged in conversations surrounding the prevailing trends in online extremism and the transnational elements associated.

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