Japanese Language & Culture through Manga

Lead Faculty: Kyoko Masuda

Manga is one of Japan’s best known cultural exports. Because it is a top 5 reason for learning Japanese and it shapes how the world sees Japan, it can be a good resource to learn Japanese culture and language. This initiative aims to focus on the genres aimed at girls and women to shed light on female protagonists and their language use in relation to ‘role language’. By creating manga corpora and distributing resources, frequently-used word lists can be developed so students of Japanese can learn about Japanese culture and language while enjoying reading Manga.

Japanese Speaker Series

Initiated in April 2021 with funding from the Japan Foundation New York, Georgia Tech’s Japanese Speaker Series fosters dialogue among Georgia Tech students and the local Atlanta community. This series aims to deepen understanding of Japanese culture and language, enhance critical thinking about the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, and promote global understanding and intercultural competency.

Deaf in Japan

Amy Ohta — Associate Professor and Chair of Undergraduate Education, University of Washington

The Deaf in Japan are a linguistic and cultural minority, with their own language that is different from spoken Japanese. This lecture considers issues facing the Deaf community, including types of sign(ed) language used in Japan, cultural and historical issues in Deaf education in Japan, Deaf culture and future trends.