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A student and faculty-run digital magazine of global speculative fiction, featuring science fiction and fantasy on the themes of language, culture, and communication. Each issue centers on one unifying concept or theme of critical interest to writers of the speculative, whether it is a critique of science and technology or of culture and society. The content includes original short fiction, reprints, translations, interviews, and articles.

Current Issue: Tolkien in Asia [Nov 2023]

Past Issues: The Anthropocene, Japan x Future, The Future of Translation

Current Issue

Tolkien in Asia
Tolkien in Asia Writing Workshop and Panel

Tolkien in Asian [Feb 2024]

This issue explores how Tolkien featured Asia in his work, as well as how his work has impacted fantasy writing both in Asia and around the world.

"Tolkien in Asia" Workshop + Panel

Date: November 3, 2023, 1:00 pm - 4:15 pm     
Location: Price Gilbert Memorial Library, Scholars Event Theater (Room 1280)     
Webinar Links: "Writing Speculative Fiction"  "Tolkien in Asia"


Join us for two global speculative fiction events! Authors Ploi Pirapokin (, Pleiades, Ninth Letter) and Silvia Park (Black Warrior Review, The Best American Science Fiction) will join us in person for a Speculative Writing Workshop and Q&A. Hugo, Nebula, and World Fantasy-award winner Ken Liu will join us online for a hybrid panel celebrating the new issue of the School of Modern Languages' global SF publication, Hivemind Magazine. This issue, "Tolkien in Asia," explores how Tolkien featured Asia in his work, as well as how his work has impacted fantasy writing both in Asia and around the world.

"Writing Speculative Fiction" Workshop/Q+A 

1 – 2 PM | Webinar Link | Price Gilbert Library, Room 1280 
Speakers: Ploi Pirapokin, Silvia Park  
Moderated by Ida Yoshinaga (LMC) 

"Tolkien in Asia" Panel Discussion

3 – 4:15 PM | Webinar Link | Price Gilbert Library, Room 1280 
Panelists: Ploi Pirapokin (in person), Silvia Park (in person), Ken Liu (online)  
Introduced by Lisa Yaszek (LMC), Moderated by Amanda Weiss (ModLangs)

Co-sponsored by the School of Modern Languages and Atlanta Global Studies Center.

Past Issues

The Anthropocene [Dec 2022]

The Anthropocene [Dec 2022]The third issue explores the Anthropocene, our current geological age and the era in which humans are the dominant force impacting the environment. A.T. Greenblatt’s protagonist searches for the path to an impossible ocean; Chloe N. Clark’s poem laments pollution while yearning for hope; Kenji Miyazawa’s two tales reflect his fascination with the spiritual and environmental world. HIVEMIND is also proud to present their first AR game, an ecohorror fantasy written by K.C. Mead-Brewer and designed by Natalie Mueller.

Japan x Future [Oct 2021]

Japan x FutureThe second issue explores science fiction as cultural flow by focusing on literary flows between Japan and the United States. Masahiko Inoue creatively re-imagines a cherished 1995 meeting with Ray Bradbury; Edogawa Ranpo channels Edgar Allan Poe; Eugie Foster, dm armstrong, and James C. Opperman envision Japanese SFF tropes in new ways. This issue also features three new translations, their first novella, an analysis of the intersections between kaiju and kami, and a pen pal exchange between the canonical works of Japanese and American cyberpunk.

The Future Of Translation [Apr 2021]

The Future of TranslationThe inaugural issue explores the theme of translation, from literal translations to multimedia tales that "translate" narratives visually. There are stories by Le Guin, Tomova, Hudson, Oshikawa, and Rose, an interview with Game of Thrones Conlanger David. J. Peterson, and more. Read on to discover the future of translation!