As advancing technologies change the career landscape students enter upon graduation, universities continue to examine how best to provide a curriculum that prepares students to thrive. GSU, one of the largest and most diverse universities in the country, is nationally known for using big data and academic advising to improve student success measures for historically underserved students.

The EPIC program (Experiential, Project-based and Interdisciplinary Curriculum) provides GSU students with opportunities to develop foundational skills to help them become adaptable problem-solvers, overcoming the academic challenges they face in their studies and creating solutions to the issues they will tackle as they graduate into their professions and lives.

The program combines the strengths of an enhanced interdisciplinary education (critical thinking, problem-solving, communication skills) with innovative research and project-based labs. Georgia State is piloting the EPIC program, with elements including integrated Freshman Learning Communities (FLCs) and Project Labs.

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Georgia State University Pollitik Project Lab Preps Students For The World Beyond College

Georgia State University Pollitik Project Lab Preps Students For The World Beyond College

Georgia State University's Political Popularity Project Lab (Pollitik) is offering students skills that go beyond the classroom and into long-lasting careers. Pollitik is a research lab led by GSU Political Science Professor Dr. Ryan Carlin and is part of the Experiential Project Based Interdisciplinary Curriculum program. The lab's primary objective is for students to gather data and research for the Executive Approval Project (EAP), which tracks the popularity of global political leaders and promotes findings online. Pollitik offers students various skills, including data collection, visualization, and project leadership, that make it easier to find careers in scientific and research fields after graduation. Pollitik's lab will soon become a part of a certificate program in project-based learning, providing students with a credential that will expand their career options. According to Carlin, students who have worked in Pollitik have gained experience as project managers, a crucial skill that is not common in entry-level jobs. Pollitik's success has encouraged Carlin to turn his executive approval database, the largest of its kind, into a lab, allowing students to gain real-world skills and providing them with a unique learning experience.