Curriculum Development Grants

2019-2020 Call for Proposals

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Call for Proposals

For more information, please contact Nannette Commander, Virtual Exchange Coordinator, GSU, at

Georgia State University Call for Faculty Teaching and Learning Communities on Global Competence and/or Virtual Exchange

Call for Proposals

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2018-2019 Recipients

Georgia Institute of Technology

Dr. Anjali Thomas Bohlken, International Affairs - INTA 2050 “Introduction to Global Development” (revision/enhancement)

Dr. Neha Kumar, International Affairs/Computing - “Human-Centered AI and Taking the Long, Holistic, and Intersectional View to Women’s Wellbeing (new course to be offered in Spring 2020)

Dr. Michael Hoffman, Public Affairs - "GloCL Reflect Project for online virtual decision-making process strategies with Foreign Language content" (ongoing curricular project on transforming the Reflect! platform ( into a global collaborative learning (GLoCL) support system)

Georgia State University

Jessie Hayden, Assistant Professor, Department of English, Perimeter College - Global Engagement Teaching and Learning Community and development of the Global Engagement website with learning activities to connect the classroom to the world. 

Dr. Hakyoon Lee, Assistant Professor, Department of World Languages and Cultures - Linguistic Landscape Project in Foreign Language Education and Raising Impact: Engaging Beginning College Learners of Additional Languages In Linguistic Landscape Research

Dr. Hae Sung Yang, Undergraduate Director, Department of Applied Linguistics - Creating a Cultural Mosaic in the Classroom: Teaching Multilingual Students Faculty Teaching and Learning Community and Multilingual Students' Perceptions of Inclusiveness across the Curriculum